Engaged with entrepreneurs,
we support them with patience.

Our investment team is surrounded by an outstanding network of advisors, who share deep sector expertise at every step along the investment process. They are active in our investment committees as well as in our supervisory boards, in order to pursue our objective: to deploy the impact of the companies we support.


Olivier de Guerre

Co-Founder and President

Xavier Thauron

Investment Director (real assets)

Cyrille Langendorff

Investment Director (real asset)

Iléana Beluche

Investment Manager (real asset)

Danaé Becht

Senior Investment Officer (real asset)

Anais Dulong

Investment Officer (real asset)

Gaëtan Herinckx

Investment Director (Belgium)

Vincent Mehault

Analyst (real asset)

Claire Weiss

Analyst (real asset)

Henri de Reboul

Managing Director at Phitrust Asia

Thibault Danjou

Investment Committee Member at Phitrust Asia.

Xavier Declève

Venture Partner Belgium (Real asset)

Corrado Ferretti

Venture Partner Italy (Real asset)

Pascal Vinarnic

Venture Partner Portugal (Real asset)

Investment committee

The Investment Committee is composed of committed shareholders, experienced managers and former managers. Its investment decisions are objective and demanding in terms of impact and financial performance.

Some members actively participate in the corporate governance of the funded companies.

Guy Portmann

Investment Committee President

Hervé Baulme

Former Managing Director of Summit Systems USA

Stéphane Courtot

Former President of Antalis France, former Managing Director of Antalis Western Europe and Asia

Banque des Territoires

Represented by Adrien de Crombrugghe

Pierre Darrot

Companies Director Former CEO of Antalis

France de Sadeleer

Companies director

Philippe Debry

Lawyer, former Partner at Fidal Paris

Corrado Ferretti

Former president of Permicro and social italian companies director

Alain Goyé

Social enterprises director

Fonds de Garantie des Victimes

Represented by Julien Le Louet

Marie-Noëlle de Pembroke

Representative Antoine Lemarchand, entrepreneur, former CEO of Nature & Découvertes

Eric Morel d’Arleux


Emmanuel Schom

Financial Manager - Capital Markets

Andrea d’Avack

Former Chief Sustainability Officer at CHANEL and former President of Fondation Chanel

Phitrust Partenaires Inclusion partners committee

Ségolène de Montgolfier

European Investment Fund

represented by Melisa Kozak (President of the PP Inclusion parners committee)

Martine Roussel Adam

Phitrust Partenaires advisory board

Olivier de Guerre

Co-Founder and President

BNP Paribas

represented by Raphaèle Leroy

Michel Bon

Bruno Keller

Cyrille Marcilhacy

Francois d’Ormesson

Caisse des Dépôts

represented by Pierre Menet

Martine Roussel Adam

Phitrust Partenaires Europe advisory board

Olivier de Guerre

Co-Founder and President

European Investment Fund

represented by Melisa Kozak (President of the PP Inclusion parners committee)

Fondation de France

represented by Axelle Davezac


represented by Cédric Djoukam

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