La Voûte Nubienne Association

Siège social : France (activity in West Africa)

Impact : Professional training and decent housing

The Nubian Vault trains the best craftsmen masons to become entrepreneurs capable of managing the development of Nubian vault sites.

The Phitrust Endowment Fund accompanies the Nubian Vault in the training of craftsmen-masons in entrepreneurial management techniques, in order to enable them to become autonomous in the management of building sites and thus participate in the development of the Nubian Vault constructions.

Today, the Nubian Vault Association is developing a resilient, 100% local and low-carbon eco-construction sector. This sector supports the dissemination of an ancestral architectural technique, particularly appropriate: the Nubian Vault. The obstacles that could be observed in the first phases of deployment (technical, socio-cultural or economic concerns) are now largely overcome and, with more than 5,000 completed projects, the suitability of the Nubian Vault concept is obvious.
In 2021, Phitrust will support La Voûte Nubienne in a financing strategy based on the sale of carbon credits (Acacias project)

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