recyclage economie circulaire

RE-USE FOOD WASTE (Phitrust Partenaires Europe - Phitrust Partenaires Inclusion)

Date d'entrée : 2019

Siège social : FRANCE


Les Alchimistes collects and composts food waste from professionals and citizens in cities. In 6 years, Les Alchimistes has emerged as a national player of reference in this market, thanks to their approach which focuses on the short circuit, transparency and public awareness at all stages of sorting. Les Alchimistes is developing nationally and is already operating in major cities such as Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Toulouse, Lille, Nantes and Toulon thanks to a network of entrepreneurs united under the brand name “Les Alchimistes. The founders have succeeded in creating a double impact, environmental and social, by offering meaningful jobs to people who have left the integration process.

Dirigeant(s) : Alexandre Guilluy, Fabien-Kenzo Sato, Cyrielle Callot

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