Date d'entrée : 2016

Siège social : Singapore


In South-East Asian countries such as Cambodia, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam, more than 80% of the population in precarious situations live in rural areas. Phitrust Asia deploys the same strategy as Phitrust Partenaires, adapted to the context and needs of South-East Asia. The most dynamic sectors are sustainable agriculture and education, responsible food, access to water/energy and the circular economy. Women account for 50% of employees in portfolio companies.

Phitrust Asia favours co-investments and partnerships that contribute to strengthening a local ecosystem and providing effective support. Phitrust Asia invests as a minority shareholder in social impact companies with the potential to become champions and role models in their country and sector. We support each of the companies led by social entrepreneurs in our investment portfolio.
This support is provided by the Phitrust Asia team and the members of the Investment Committee, who have extensive experience in the region, as well as by Phitrust Asia’s local partners. We therefore bring strong added value to our companies in terms of management, contacts and development.

Portfolio at 31/06/2024:

-Wheig Asia (Thailand) – Wheig Asia is setting up waste recovery sites, particularly in large malls, starting in Bangkok.

-Krakakoa (Indonesia) – Krakakoa is developing Indonesia’s first premium, sustainable and organic chocolate.

-Nexus Pioneer Facility (Indonesia) – Pioneer Facility finances the initial development of young social enterprises in the fields of access to energy, water and sanitation in South East Asia.

-ATEC (Cambodia) – A Cambodian social enterprise, ATEC* Biodigesters produces, sells and distributes induction stoves and biodigesters that produce gas as an energy source and organic fertiliser as an alternative to chemical solutions. Atec extends its activity in Bangladesh.

-Green Rebel (Indonesia) – Green Rebel is an Indonesian start-up created by Burgreen to develop the production of plant-based meat from natural and whole ingredients (mushrooms, GMO-free soya, chickpeas and seitan). Green Rebel meets the demand for plant-based products adapted to Asian tastes and cuisine, at reasonable prices and sourced locally, throughout South East Asia.

-Burgreen (Indonesia) – Burgreen is Indonesia’s leading sustainable and vegetarian restaurant chain that works with small farmers. It has created green and spacious restaurants where meetings on health, the environment and food can be organised, followed by very practical sales outlets for quick meals or deliveries.

2023 Activity and Impact report

Members of the investment committee

  • Lionel Requillart
  • Anne-Sophie Bougouin
  • Eric Morel d’Arleux
  • Thibault Danjou
  • Xavier Thauron

Dirigeant(s) : Henri de Reboul


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