The inclusive craft brewery (Phitrust Partenaires)

Date d'entrée : 2022

Siège social : France

Impact : Integration through economic activity

Beer is the oldest fermented drink in the world. Tête Haute, created in 2018, is the first craft brewery to be set up as a Work Integration Social Enterprise with the aim of providing social and professional support for vulnerable people. Faced with the current production and socio-economic challenges, Tête Haute provides an innovative response that makes it possible to link people who are far from employment with important labour needs in the food industry, logistics and agriculture that are not being met. Tête Haute defends a responsible mode of production with a real local anchoring of its production via the exploitation of its organic hop field as well as the implementation of the deposit of all its bottles.

Dirigeant(s) : Samuel and Fabien Marzelière


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