The Phitrust endowment fund
an ecosystem dedicated to
social entrepreneurship

In 2006, we created our foundation, which has now become the Phitrust endowment fund, to support associations with an entrepreneurial and inclusive vision of society and to accelerate their scale-up.

A philanthropic project supported by all

A true philanthropic project of Phitrust and its investors, the Phitrust Endowment Fund is financed by the subscription fees of the funds managed by Phitrust and the carried interest of Phitrust Partenaires’ managers. The fund is also supported by external donors (private individuals, foundations, etc.).

A venture philanthropy fund

Too often, sponsors finance development projects on an ad hoc basis, and less so the structures that support them. However, high-potential associations need both financial support and structural support in terms of skills over several years in order to sustainably strengthen their capacity to produce a social impact and ensure their sustainability. The Phitrust endowment fund aims to provide long-term structural support to associations committed to inclusion and integration through entrepreneurship.

Integration through work, at the heart of our action

Dedicated tools and programmes for funding, support and partnership development are at the heart of the support provided to associations established in France and in Europe, active in the field of inclusion and integration of young people, people who are far from employment and people in migration situations.

La Varappe Association

Head office : France

Impact : Integration through work

The association La Varappe, a research and development laboratory, is creating new activities for the integration of people who are very far from employment. Since 2012, the Phitrust endowment fund has been supporting its project to transform end-of-life maritime containers into offices and housing. The integration company Homeblok, created in 2015, has become a reference in the transformation of containers into emergency housing.

Another project supported: the “Growing up” programme, created in 2021, designed and implemented with more than 15 field actors in the South East, is changing the situation in two territories: Aix-Marseille and Mayotte. The idea is to create unprecedented encounters between 700 “invisible” people, far from employment, and companies looking for talent, thanks to a team of ten talent coaches in the field, in the heart of the housing estates.

La Varappe Association Inclusion through work


Head office : France

Impact : Integration of young people

Created in Saint-Denis in 2002, Proxité fights against dropping out of school and facilitates the social and professional integration of the most vulnerable young people, thanks to support that combines individual mentoring and group time.
Proxité’s ambition is to accompany each young person from disadvantaged areas towards academic or professional success. The teams intervene in the heart of neighbourhoods and cities to complement the work of socio-educational actors.

Proxité has 43 branches in 21 cities in 8 regions of France, reaching 25 priority city neighbourhoods (QPV), in conjunction with the players in these areas (companies, public structures, etc.).

Proxité Integration of early school leavers

Utopreneurs Association

Head office : France

Impact : Developing integration through economic activity

The number of long-term unemployed remains high and now represents 50.3% of registered workers, a threshold never before reached, and 1.5 million young people aged 15 to 29 are neither in employment, nor in education or training. This long-lasting distance from the labour market considerably increases the risk of poverty, precariousness and social exclusion. Integration enterprises should act as a stepping stone to employment in mainstream enterprises.
Created by both FEI and UNEA, Utopreneurs was conceived as a multi-functional tool to take part in the rapid scaling up of inclusive enterprises. The social impact of Utopreneurs is directly connected to the number of inclusive jobs created. In 2021, Phitrust decided to finance and support the development of Utopreneurs (presence on the board).

Utopreneurs Association Integration through work

La Voûte Nubienne Association

Head office : France (activity in West Africa)

Impact : Professional training and decent housing

The Nubian Vault trains the best craftsmen masons to become entrepreneurs capable of managing the development of Nubian vault sites.

The Phitrust Endowment Fund accompanies the Nubian Vault in the training of craftsmen-masons in entrepreneurial management techniques, in order to enable them to become autonomous in the management of building sites and thus participate in the development of the Nubian Vault constructions.

Today, the Nubian Vault Association is developing a resilient, 100% local and low-carbon eco-construction sector. This sector supports the dissemination of an ancestral architectural technique, particularly appropriate: the Nubian Vault. The obstacles that could be observed in the first phases of deployment (technical, socio-cultural or economic concerns) are now largely overcome and, with more than 5,000 completed projects, the suitability of the Nubian Vault concept is obvious.
In 2021, Phitrust will support La Voûte Nubienne in a financing strategy based on the sale of carbon credits (Acacias project)


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