La Conciergerie solidaire
a major player in professional integration (Phitrust Partenaires Inclusion)

Date d'entrée : 2024

Siège social : Bordeaux

Impact : professional integration

La Conciergerie Solidaire is a pioneer in concierge services for businesses, third places and neighbourhoods. Founded in Bordeaux in 2010 by Sylvain Lepainteur, a visionary entrepreneur, La Conciergerie Solidaire has rapidly established itself as a major player in professional integration and the promotion of the social economy. With a team of more than 93 employees, including 69 concierges on work integration schemes or with disabilities, the company offers a wide range of concierge services to more than 25,000 users.

In addition to its regional network of 15 branches, La Conciergerie Solidaire relies on an innovative digital platform and a network of local service providers from the social economy.

Dirigeant(s) : Sylvain Lepainteur

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