Mentoring young people from disadvantaged areas (Phitrust Partenaires)

Date d'entrée : 2023

Siège social : France

Impact : Education and Integration through economic activity

Since 2005, the Télémaque association has been working to give committed, motivated young people from disadvantaged areas the best possible chance of success through a dual mentoring scheme involving companies and schools that lasts 6 years. In 2021, Télémaque won a call for interest in the “Innovating for access to employment” programme run by the French Ministry of Labour, Employment and Integration, enabling it to structure an impact contract with a total budget of €3.1m over 6 years, with the aim of integrating 500 young people into the world of work through mentoring. In 2023, Télémaque launched a Social Impact Bond (SIB) that will run until 2028. As Télémaque’s action programme is rolled out, the investors, including Phitrust Partenaires, will pay out their commitments (until 2027), and will then be reimbursed for the capital depending on whether three indicators are met (i1: number of beneficiaries who have been put in touch with a mentor, i2: dynamic exit rate for young mentored beneficiaries, i3: exit rate into sustainable employment).

Dirigeant(s) : Ericka Cogne and Vivian Gazzera

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